Executing Tests in Multiple Iterations with Test Plan & Test Cycles

TestRay 'Test Plan, Test Cycle & Configuration' approach helps users with executing the integration of the planned test cases. Test plan is like a container to hold multiple test cycles. Test cases will be added into the test cycle, and then test runs will be created by assigning different configurations. If the planned test cases need to be executed multiple times on different platforms or application builds, create multiple test cycles in the same test plan, and then assign configurations so that test results can be recorded separately.

Main flow of creating test plan and do test execution:

  1. Create a Test Plan issue: create a test plan issue by clicking Jira native 'Create' button.

  2. Create a Test Cycle: from 'Test Plan Details' panel, click 'Add' button to create a test cycle.

  3. Select Test Cases: edit the newly created test cycle, then select the test cases that need to be executed by clicking 'Select Test Case' button.

  4. Assign Configurations: choose the test cases that need to be executed with different configurations (e.g. platforms, devices ...), then assign predefined configurations to them.

  5. Assign Testers: choose test runs created in step 4, assign test runs to different testers.

  6. Start Test Cycle: start test cycle once above steps are done.

  7. Update Test Runs: testers launch test cycle and start test execution.

For detailed usage of this feature, please refer to chapter: Test Plan & Execution

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