Data Storage

All the TestRay related data is stored in its own dedicated database and it doesn't impact your Jira Cloud host server database. The data primarily made up of attachments, test steps, execution history etc, which is created from TestRay functionalities.  

In terms of Jira hosted data, TestRay doesn't store anything except for Jira issue keys to create trace links, project ids and keys, user ids etc, which is MUST to the app to interact (communicate) with Jira host server. There is no way to restrict it.

Where is TestRay data stored?

TestRay cloud server is hosted completely on AWS, so the data is stored in AWS server as well, our data centers are currently located in the US region.

What is data storage limit?

As of now we don't have storage limit.

How lone customer data can be stored?

TestRay stores the customer data for 6 months after the subscription has expired. During the period, once the license renewed, users can continue with the application where they left off.