Test Plan - Manage Multiple Iterations of Testing

'Test Plan' is a standard Jira issue type in TestRay.

An issue type 'Test Plan' is created automatically upon installing the TestRay app in Jira.  

A test plan is made up of one or more test cycles.

Create a Test Plan Issue

It is the same as how a user creates any type of Jira issue, just need to change issue type to 'Test Plan' in 'Create Issue' screen.

Once the Test Plan issue is created and launched, 'Test Plan Details' panel will present and then the user can continue creating test cycles.

Create Test Cycle from a Test Plan

Launch a test plan issue, from 'Test Plan Details' panel, click "Add" button, then specify below information to create a test cycle.

  • Name (required)

  • Environment (optional)

  • Build (optional)

  • Sprint (optional)

  • Start Date (optional)

  • End Date (optional)

Once a test cycle is created from test plan, it is time to go further for: Define Test Scope and Test Assignment