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Test Run - Execute Tests and Report Defect

Test run (test case run) is a unique execution instance of a given test case. This effectively captures the result of testing a test case, actual results on each test case steps and create/link defects in support of the findings from the execution.

Test runs are created inside a test cycle. To execute your test runs from a test cycle, kindly following below step:

Steps to Launch Test Run from Test Cycle for Execution

Step 1: Launch a Test Cycle from Test Plan Issue

Click test cycle name to launch it.

Only test runs in ‘ACTIVE’ test cycle can be executed.

Step 2: Choose a Configuration and Launch Its Test Runs

Switch to a configuration to load its test runs, then click on a test suite from where test runs (test cases) are grouped:

Only test cases those are directly linked to test suite/sub suite can be loaded, make sure you go further into sub suite if test cases are linked to it directly.

Double click on test suite/sub suite name will expand all levels of the node.

Step 3: Click 'E' (Execute) Button to Load Test Run Dialog

Step 4: Result Update, Defect Reporting and Other Updates in Test Run

Execution Result Update from Test Run

Test Run Level Update

Test Step Level Update

Please note that test run update will be saved automatically after navigating to previous / next test run.

Update Test Run from Test Cycle

Bulk Update Multiple Test Runs

Update a Single Test Run