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Test Cycle - Define Test Scope and Test Assignment

Test cycle is a space from where the test executions actually happen.

Multiple test cycles can be created in a test plan due to test plan complexity, some times more than one round of testing need to be done with in a test plan in order to cover more platforms/devices. 

Each test cycle could be a number of test passes pertaining to each configuration it is tested against. Once a test cycle is created, user should follow below steps to make it work:

Step 1: Editing a Test Cycle to Defining Test Scope

Click 'Edit' from a existing test cycle:

Then click 'Select Test Case' button to add a set of test cases to test cycle:

You can click ‘Add Requirement' if you want to add test cases those associated to a specific requirement issue.

Step 2: Creating Test Runs by Assigning Configurations

Select all or part of test cases you just added in above step, then click '...->Assign Configuration' to create test runs by assigning configurations.

  1. You must have configuration predefined in your Jira project in order to make assignment, how to define please refer to following page: Project Settings

  2. If you don't want to do any configuration assignment, just skip it, save and close the current test cycle, then go to Step 3.

Step 3: Save and Close Test Cycle

Till now, planning phase is done.

Step 4: Start Test Cycle for Team to Let Team Do Test Execution

Go back to test plan issue, then click '...->Start', the test cycle will change its status from 'DRAFT' to 'ACTIVE'. It means the team can start test execution from the test cycle now.

Everything is ready now, ask your team to start test execution by following: Test Run - Execute Tests and Report Defect